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Organic Spraying LLC - Keeping your family and pets insect free and your lawns green
Organic Spraying LLC
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.  We have proudly been serving New England since 2013.
Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting all of your needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.
One  of the products that we use is our NON TOXIC ORGANIC SPRAY. It is made up exclusively of all natural oils that act as a pheromone interruption agent which impairs the pests' mental capacity.  The raspberry bio-solvent eats through the insects skeleton and eradicates it eliminating the egg and larvae.  The fatty soap then acts as a sticker to the insect. Our organic spray should be applied every 30 to 45 days depending on infestation and saturation.
Our organic Non Toxic spray  eliminates ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, mites, beetles, chinch bugs, stink bugs, spiders, chiggers and many others. (Time frame varies from 5 min - 24hrs depending on the insect ) This product will also deter snakes from the treated areas.
Our NON TOXIC ORGANIC SPRAY, dissolves the insect egg and larvae eliminating generation of arthropod, while the cedar aroma creates a barrier of entry making the treated areas off limits to flying and crawling pests.
Did you know that one female tick after its "last" feeding while in full adult stage will lay up to 10,000 eggs and die?  The eggs will hatch within 2 weeks and the cycle starts all over again. Our product will destroy the egg and larvae stage which will break the cycle eliminating the next generation it is also bio-solvent which means the ingredients are completely solvent when added to water, making them instrumental in triggering instant effectiveness, erosion and dehydration of the insects exo-skelton and subsequently, the egg and larvae. 
Remember, for every insect (tick) you see there are 99 more in egg and larvae stage. Young ticks are most active during the warm months between May and July.  Adult tick are most active during the fall and spring even in the freezing conditions.  Cedar oil, an active ingredient in our product is a natural insect repellent.  When delivered in small amounts the aroma will overwhelm most insects, it has no effect on beneficial insects such as lady bugs, honey bees, lizards, earth worms, butterflies, and toads.  It destroys and repels the existing insect population.  It also eliminates the next generation of insects by interrupting the egg laying cycle.  It creates a barrier of re-entry deterring insects migrating from the area.  Mosquito and fly, which are known as perpetual egg layers, are immediately controlled.  The result is reduced population in the treated areas.
Our organic spray, will not harm beneficial sight driven insects such as Bees, Butterflies, Earthworms, etc.
So why not be worry free, the next time you want to enjoy your yard, relaxing, entertaining a get-together, child's birthday party, BBQ, wedding, or any outdoor event, where these pests could prevent you from relaxing or enjoying your guests/event!
With just a 24hr notice, can eliminate your outdoor fun from being interrupted.
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