Organic Spraying - Frequently Asked Questions - South Berwick, ME
Organic Spraying LLC - Keeping your family and pets insect free and your lawns green
                                               Frequently asked Questions
Q. How does It work?
A.The cedar oil acts as a pheromone interruption agent that impairs their mental capacity and is the repellent for 30-45 days depending on saturation.  Our bio-solvent eats through the insect exo-skeleton and eraticates it. 
Q.How often should it be applied?
 A.30-45 days
Q.Can it be sprayed near pounds and streams?
A.You can spray near ponds or streams.
Q.Is it safe around kids or animals?
A.It  is non-toxic. Yard can be used within 15 minutes of spraying to allow drying time.
Q.Does your spray cause discoloration when sprayed?
A.No, It does not cause discoloration and is safe for sidewalks,foundations,swing sets etc.
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